I recently visited Trentham Falls, when we got there we were greeted by this awesome sight, a rainbow at the bottom of the waterfall.


I had to find an awesome quote to match, love this one.

~ Julz


The Moon #pssWednesdayWords

Shot with my Olympus OMD EM5. 

Text added using the Typic mobile app for iPhone.  

Have you tried mobile apps to add text to your photos? It’s lots of fun! Share yours with us by adding the tag pssWednesdayWords and ping back to this post. 

Have a fabulous Wednesday. 

x desleyjane 
PS entire post done on iPhone 


Juz here, I have been on a bit of a Shakespeare thing of late, it’s possible to do with a recent discussion with my Daughter about the merits of various different plays. My favorites are Romeo and Juliet (I adore the movie version by Tarantino by the way!), and another is Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Love is Blind

I took this shot later one balmy evening last Summer, the smell from this Japenese Ladies…..is divine, similar to lavender, but not as strong or intoxicating. I guess I am craving those balmy Summer evenings, It has been such a long cold Winter and those sweet heady days are only a few short months away.

I created today’s #PssWednesdayWords image in #Canva is really is a fabulous tool for quick edits on the fly, so glad Desley introduced it to us a few weeks back. Don’t forget to share your poem, quote or words of inspiration and hashtag it #PssWednesdayWords and #PixelSistersStudio.

~ Julz

#pssWednesdayWords – You are my Sunshine!


Hello and welcome to #pssWednesdayWords.

For those of you who don’t know, this is Gidget, my Maltese x Lhasa Apso little poppet. I love her dearly and she has become the ultimate poser. This shoot went on for about an hour, but it wasn’t her fault, she was a dream model!

Do you want to know how to add text to your images? We’ve written two blog posts about it before:

  1. one using apps on your Smartphone
  2. one using Photoshop!

For this image, I used a mobile app called Typic, which already had the little “you are my sunshine” ready to insert as a complete graphic. I just made it pink to match the photo! 

Please take a look at the tips above if you haven’t already, and share with us your #pssWednesdayWords – we’d love to see what you come up with. Don’t forget to use the hashtag above and link back to this post so that we can come take a look!

Happy Wednesday!

x desleyjane

Wednesday Words

Welcome to #pssWednesdayWords, I received this divine blue Dahlia for Mothers’ Day and I simply had to photograph it, the Buddha quote seems to fit very nicely too.

Julie Powell_Blue Dahlia-1

Don’t forget to tag us #pixelsistersstudio and #psswednesdaywords so we can see your wonderful images.

~ Desley & Julz, xo