Hi, Julz, here again, for another week. Today is Monday, so that means Macro. Yesterday we went for a lovely long drive in the wonderful Spring sunshine, I thought I would post a few images from our wonderful day in the country.

These were all taken at the Pyalong Trestle Bridge…on Central Northern Victoria about 2.5 hours from Melbourne.


Here’s hoping you have a wonderful week… and don’t forget to share and tag your Monday Macros #PssMondayMacro

~ Julz, xo

Chocolate Cake #pssMondayMacro

Hi everyone!

#pssMondayMacro time again – please share your macro shots with us.

It’s Desley here, for another week. Julie showed up some great tips and gorgeous photos last week. I even got to have one of her birthday cupcakes and it was YUM!

So, I was inspired to share some macro cake shots with you today. This is a Chocolate Caprese Cake, which is a chocolate and orange torte. Absolutely delicious and oh so chocolatey.

Apologies if you feel like you’ve seen these before and quite recently! I actually posted some of these yesterday for my #RegularRandom if you want to see more.

Will you share your #pssMondayMacro with us? Just add the tag your post and give us a pingback to this post if you can.

Have a great Monday!

x desleyjane



Morning, Julz here…back for another week, today is #PssMondayMacro, I adore the curl in the fern frond from my back yard, the way the late afternoon light backlights it and displays the fine details. The oversized Bokeh in the background is awesome too.DSC_8842

This was shot in the backyard with my 90mm Tamron macro lens, F/3.5 ISO200 1/8000 shutter speed. Why don’t you join us and show you Monday Macro, don’t forget to tag us #PixelsistersStudio and #PssMondayMacro

~ Julz, xo

#pssMondayMacro – The Dragon’s Back

Hello and welcome to #pssMondayMacro!

It’s Desley here this week – thank you to Julie for her fabulous postings last week. As she said, we’ve changed things around slightly. To keep things fresh and to make life a little easier, we will take turns week-about to post here and on Facebook and Instagram.

So, let’s get onto my #pssMondayMacro post – I am fascinated by this image. I was throwing some ice out the next day after a party and somehow, this little piece caught my eye. It’s actually part of a larger piece of ice. I think I just decided to have a look and see if it was worth photographing.

I find with water in particular, it can be very useful to really bump up the clarity when editing in Lightroom, it brings out the details of the shot nicely and creates something quite striking.

So this is my “Dragon’s Back” – can’t you just imagine a teeny tiny Daenerys sitting there?


Don’t forget out Macro Tips post that we did a while back – take a look here for inspiration!

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Ok guys and gals – let’s see your #pssMondayMacro – create beautiful images with us.

x desleyjane

Monday Macro

Welcome back to another week of Monday Macro, Desley posted a fabulous negative space, a minimalist shot of a succulent from a hotel room. Lots of white space shows the finer details in brilliant contrast.20108625_1894853030734501_5491955304611538696_n

In contrast, I decided to use a Macro shot from the same shoot as yesterday, in fact the same cupcake as yesterday, just much closer.


Don’t forget to join us and hashtag #pixelsisterstudio and #pssMondayMacro.

~ Julz and Desley

Friday Feature – Snapshot & Monday Macro

On Friday, we did our first Friday Feature of the images that other people did for our challenges last week. It was so exciting to see what everyone put up. We did a feature for IG and Facebook and it is so lovely to see people jumping on board with our challenges and participating, and it was only the first week!


Don’t forget you can join us too, here are the challenges again

the daily lineup-4

and here is Desley’s #pssMondayMacro


And we’re back for a brand new week, starting with#pssMacroMonday and this grasshopper I found while hunting up macro opportunities in the garden. This little guy creeped me out a bit. He was chewing on this blade of grass and then he swiveled his creepy little head around to stare at me! It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. LOL – I do watch a lot of horror movies 🤓

We are looking forward to seeing your new #pssMacroMonday shots!

I think he’s kind of cute, but then I don’t watch horror movies!!!!!!!!!

~ Julz, xo