#pssThursdayTheme – Reflections

This week I thought I would use reflections for our theme, any reflections; in a mirror, in water, a puddle, a window. So much can be done with reflections and it is a lot of fun capturing them.


This one was shot at BlueLotus Water Gardens in the Yarra Valley, last Summer. Lotus blossom’s need about 8 eight a day of direct sunlight, they close up each night and open again each morning. Many have used the Lotus Blossom as a religious or pagan icon and is often a token or symbol of rebirth.

Share your Reflections pictures with us and don’t forget to hashtag them #PssThurdayThemes and #PixelSistersStudio.

~ Julz, xo

On My Table #pssThursdayTheme

Hi there! Desley here again this week. Welcome to pssThursdayTheme – today’s theme is “on my table”. 

Let’s share a scene on your table. This could be a meal, a coffee break, a study session, a flower arrangement, so many ideas. 

This shot is from a brunch between three girlfriends at Industry Beans in Fitzroy, Melbourne. That’s a hot chocolate, a fizzy water and my delicious Bubble Cup Cold Drip coffee, coconut and kaffir like flavour. Yum! And best of all, a wonderful time catching up with dear old friends. 

Share your table shots with us using the pssThursdayTheme tag and ping back to this post. 

Best wishes for a wonderful Thursday. 

x desleyjane 
PS entire post done on iPhone. 

#pssThursdayTheme – In Your Garden

Julz here, in celebration of Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere, I thought it might be nice to share some images from #inyourGarden, in this case, my garden. We spent quite a bit of time creating the wonderful gardens that we have in the front and back yard. Outback it is an oasis in suburbia full of mostly Native Australian plants, there is a small creek and various sitting areas, the big back deck, perfect for entertaining on balmy Summer evenings and a quiet little spot just perfect for enjoying the last rays of sunshine and a coffee after work. I cannot wait for the weather to warm up a little. My Garden is just starting to come to life, but mostly they are summer plants (as most Aussie plants are) and we won’t get flowers for a while yet. But I have a few protea currently in flower, and the new growth and sense of urgency are every where. The birds creating nests and the insects madly pollinating anything they can find. I can’t wait to see the bees and dragonflies darted around the sparkling creek in the months to come.

Most of these were taken on my Tamron 90mm Macro, with late afternoon light and hand held. Perhaps if I had used a tripod they may have been a little crisper. Don’t forget to share a few photos of your gardens, a favorite flower, you favorite spot to sit with a book or a cuppa, or even a glass of wine? Hashtag #pssThursdayTheme #PixelSistersStudio #inyourgarden

~ Julz, xo

#pssThursdayTheme – Street Art

Hello! Welcome to #pssThursdayTheme! Today’s theme is Street Art.

Julie and I both live in Melbourne, so we are lucky to get to experience some of the best street art around. Actually, when Julie and I first “met” in person, she took me on a little tour of Hosier Lane and the other graffiti-filled laneways nearby. It was a great experience – we should do it again! Especially since the art is constantly changing.

I find it best to use a wide angle lens when shooting street art and also to not shoot the art “Straight on”. It’s good to find an angle to shoot from as it adds more interest to the shot. That being said, I have actually done a complete street art photo walk with a macro lens. Just got fun and I loved it! But you know me, I love macro!

When editing your street art photos, it’s usually a good idea to increase the contrast and clarity at least, to make the colours pop.

But also when editing, try black and white – you can get some amazing images. This one is actually one that I got during a client shoot. We used seven different locations around town and used the graffiti in the shots.

Please share your Street Art photos with us – we’d love to see them. Remember to use the #pssThursdayTheme tag and link back to this post so that we can see it.

Happy snapping!

x desleyjane


Thursday Theme – Home

This week’s #PssThursdayTheme is #home. What does Home mean to you, it can be quite literal or it can be a feeling, as in you can walk into a place and feel right at home?

For me (Julz) I know I am home when I see my gate keepers, I have two, one on either side of the entrance. (OOps, it looks a little messy…….need to do some weeding)


And if you look closely you will see one of my Furbabies waiting to greet me, there is always at least one of them, this is Ted E Bear, but invariably it is the dogs as well.


Take a pic (these are just with my SmartPhone), and share with is what #Home means to you. Don’t forget to tag it #PixelSistersStudio & #PssThursdayTheme.

~ Julz


Friday Feature

Welcome back to another Friday Feature and it seems Instagram is most popular this week with many images to feature, pop over and have a look pixelsistersstudio.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, there were these two cuties, thanks, Cheryl and Lisa


Alas, it seems everyone has had a very busy week, Desley and me included. Don’t forget to tag us so we can see your wonderful images, another week starts tomorrow with #pssSaturdayStillLife

the daily lineup-4

I Hope you all have a terrific weekend…

~ Desley and Julz, xo


Friday Feature

We have been seeing quite a few images popping up on our Instagram and Facebook feeds as well as here on WordPress, just want to send a shoutout to everyone who joined in and say Thank You.

Musing with Susan joined us last week with #PssMacroMonday #PssSaturdayStillLife & #PssSweetSunday……..check out her WordPress page.

We also had a few pics from Bev Ross and Lisa Lewis on Facebook for #pssSweetSunday, #pssSaturdayStilllife as well as #pssthursdaythemes “Country” and of course, the amazing pics Desley posted on Instagram this morning.

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the daily lineup-4

~Desley and Julz

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