Hello again, Julz here, following on from a recent post about D.I.Y home natural dyes for cheesecloth, I thought I would stage a little Still Life shoot for today’s post, using this fabulous vintage scotch box and a few lovely flowers.


Have a fabulous weekend…

~ Julz, xo



Some new pieces #pssSaturdayStillLife

Hello and welcome to pssSaturdayStillLife. 

It’s Desley here, just wanting to share a very simple still life with a new vase and flowers that I picked up recently. 

Please share your Saturday Still Life shots with us using the pssSaturdayStillLife tag and pinging back to this post. 

Have a fab weekend,

x desleyjane 


Happy Saturday! Julz here again, Yay it’s my birthday, so I bought myself a little present, and why wouldn’t I? This is a lovely old(possible replica) timber scotch box and it was only $5.00, fabulous!!

So I had a little play around with it and did three different set ups, used some hand dyed cheesecloth from yesterday’s post; this time, green tea, it makes a lovely natural ecru color, isn’t it simply divine?


I also have special birthday gifts for you as well.  Visit my website and I have loads of Digital Packs for Lightroom & Photoshop you can download for free. There is also some quite cheap. Check back from time to time as I will have more added every now and then.


Til then, don’t forget to share your Saturday Still Life #PssSaturdayStillLife and #PixelSistersStudio so we can see your gorgeous creations

~ Julz



#pssSaturdayStillLife – Contemporary

Good morning and welcome to #pssSaturdayStillLife where we invite you to share your still life photos with us.

Here is a contemporary still life that I had some fun with. I love the colour and the light in this one. I’ve included an unedited photo this time for your reference.




Create beautiful images with us.

x desleyjane

Saturday Still Life

Happy Saturday! Oh, I love the weekend, so many possibilities. Just like this image of some simple peonies, same image four slightly different edits in Lightroom. It does not have to be complex or complicated to be beautiful.


the daily lineup-4

Join us and share your #pssSaturdayStillLife…

~ Julz, xo