Julz, here again, to finish off another week. As some of you may already know, yesterday was my birthday. And what is a birthday without cake and friends and that impossibly embarrassing birthday song? It’s not as sweet as mine was. I also got a new camera! So please excuse these images as a little sub par, I am on a huge learning curve with my new camera, but it seemed only fitting to shoot a few snaps with my new camera and just a few of the cupcakes.

Obviously, focusing at high aperture is my first priority 😀

So my sweet Sunday is spent on the warm glow from my birthday celebrations. Perhaps I can get some pretty flowers to practice with?

Share with us your #pssSweetSunday pic……..it doesn’t have to be cupcakes or even food, a sweet moment is just as good. Don’t forget to hashtag #PssSweetSunday and #PixelSisterStudio so we can see your wonderful images too.

~ Julz, xo

P.S. Desley is back on board tomorrow, with so more of her amazing images and tips!!

P.P.S The chocolate one mostly in focus…that was the one I ate!


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