Tuesday Tips – Adding Text to Your Photos 

Learn how to add text to your photos using mobile phone apps!


Welcome to #pssTuesdayTips where we share a little tip with you. Today, we wanted to show you some simple ways to add interesting text to you photos. 

It’s Desley here today and I’m going to show you how I do this using apps on my phone. Julie, the Queen of Photoshop, will show you how she does it in a future post. 

So first things first – we have to get our photo onto our phone! There are so many ways to do it and there are no wrong ways really: 

  1. Email yourself.
  2. Upload to Dropbox or Evernote or some other file sharing program. 
  3. On Apple devices, use Airdrop (I’ve been doing this myself quite often lately). 
  4. There are similar linking apps on other Operating Systems. 
  5. Upload to a Cloud Drive. I store all my photos on a Western Digital Cloud Drive which I can access from anywhere on the world via an app on my phone, as long as I have access to wifi. 

Next is to choose an app. There are so many to choose from. 

Above are some of the apps I use. Most commonly, I use Over or Canva for text. I use Pixlr for adding cool effects. Typic and Fontmania are also excellent apps for adding text. 

For this Tip, I’m going to show you the Over app. It’s beautiful and simple to use.  Once you open the app, you select your photo and it opens it up onto the canvas, as below. I’ve chosen this cute photo of tiny pink, white and red sugar hearts. 

When adding text, it can be useful to fade out the image slightly so that the words stand out. In the Over app, you can tap the photo and select Edit. 

Tap the yellow “check mark” at the top right. Next is adding the text! You just tap the Text button and a space appears for you to start typing. 

Then you can edit the text, changing the font, making it curved, changing the colour. You can change the size using the icons at the bottom as well but you can also pinch to zoom to change the size too. 

I chose a cute spotty text and black so that it stood out.  You can then tap the check mark again and then the upwards facing arrow which allows you to save the image. 

And voila! We have a cute little image with pretty text. It could be a card or an Instagram post for someone or it could even be a valentine 😍 

The other thing I love about the Over app (and many of the other apps) is that it includes some really lovely pre-made text with accompanying icons. To access these, you just click on the Graphics icon, which opens up all of the “sets” of graphics available. Some are free, some you pay for. I only have the free version. 

I selected the “Let’s run away together” collection and a cute little graphic. And again I chose black for this busy background and also placed it on an angle. 

And here’s the final image:

What do you think? Do you use apps to add text to your images. Do you have any tips for how to do this? And how do you get your photos onto your phone, if you didn’t take them with your phone?

I used my phone for this entire post, start to finish. There are so many cool apps available to us these days 🤓 

We are hoping you try out these tips and we are looking forward to seeing your results, either today or tomorrow for #pssWednesdayWords 

x Desley & Julz 

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips – Adding Text to Your Photos ”

  1. Great tips on how to add text to a photo. Your step by step approach was really useful. I tend to use Over, Canva and Pixlr the most for this sort of thing and it’s amazing how creative you can be! Thanks again.

    Liked by 2 people

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